The present of the school


We strive to prepare all students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens both locally and globally ready to meet the challenges of the future. In partnership with families and community, our goal is to create relevant learning opportunities for students – both inside and outside the classroom – that help them develop the knowledge, critical thinking skills and character necessary to succeed in a technologically advanced world.

The mission of Gymnázium, Šrobárova 1 is to produce well-educated and flexible graduates who will be successful at any type of college, find employment in the domestic and international job market, and represent the values of humanity, tolerance, and mutual understanding.


Motto: „Not to teach everyone everything, but to teach everyone according to his or her abilities.“

To create an effective, community-based and safe environment for education and learning in which students and teachers are happy, have excellent conditions for self-development, enhancement of their key competences, skills and creativity. Graduates of the school will find employment in the domestic and international labour market.


Our school is one of the oldest educational institutions in Košice, with a rich tradition and a large alumni community. The Gymnasium Šrobárova 1 is situated close to the historical centre, so the location of the school is a great advantage for us. The school building is one of the most beautiful places in Košice, it significantly completes the image of the surrounding area, it is a tasteful example of the beginning of Art Nouveau in the architecture of the city, an example of decorativism, shape and material imagination and in the past it was declared a cultural monument.

Our school offers an alternative educational programme. In grades 1 – 2, students receive a basic general education, in grade 3 they have the opportunity to choose between two and three subjects with two hours per week according to their own preferences, and in grade 4, in addition to the compulsory subjects: Slovak language and literature, two foreign languages and physical education, they choose 12 extension lessons with the possibility of choosing subjects according to their further career orientation.

In addition to the state educational programme, from September 2023 we also have an international educational programme IB Diploma Programme for students of the 3rd and 4th year of secondary schools. Upon successful completion of the programme, pupils can obtain the internationally recognised IB Diploma. In September 2024 we will be launching the IB Middle Years Programme. This six-year international education programme, together with the two DP years, will form an eight-year international education IB programme taught in English. In 2024/2025 we are opening MYP 0 and MYP 4.

We currently have 21 classes, 610 pupils, 43 teaching and 16 non-teaching staff. The school is usually staffed by two foreign teachers and a volunteer from Germany. The Gymnasium, Šrobárova 1 also uses the experience of external teachers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Department of British and American Studies from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice in the teaching process.

Every year several of our pupils study at foreign secondary schools. Proof of the quality of the teachers´professional pedagogical work is the high percentage of graduates admitted to universities in Slovakia and abroad.

Gymnasium, Šrobárova 1 is an accredited school for the Erasmus+ Youth Programme 2021 – 2027. Through our activities and performance we fulfill the statement that school is not only about learning, but also about education, which is why we are involved in various projects, such as the project Škola bez nenávisti (School Without Hate). Its aim is to promote and spread the values and culture of tolerance among young people. Another similar project is the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE). It is a comprehensive development programme that gives pupils the chance to develop their skills and character qualities for real life, to fulfill their potential and help them succeed.

Organised activities of various kinds complete the school’s profile. Each has its irreplaceable position and justification in the history and present of the Gymnázium, Šrobárova 1. Kalamajky, matriculation ball, graduation ceremony, Night at Šrobárka, Šrobárka Day, environmental activities, KOŽaZ, ski course, swimming training, anti-drug activities, Camp Šrobárky, mobile blood collection, red ribbons — charitable collection, Študentské slovo (Student Word) school magazine, a student company — coaching entrepreneurship, various school clubs and extra-curricular activities, debating club, foreign excursions and many others.

The profiling of our school corresponds to the current needs of the labour market, which is why we place great emphasis on computer science and the development of natural sciences and economic subjects.

We provide quality education in professionally equipped Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories, multimedia, computer and interactive classrooms. Recently, the Science Lab was added to the classrooms, a laboratory whose equipment we acquired as one of 30 schools in Slovakia as part of the IT Academy project.


Education programme with extended number of English language lessons

Using innovative methods of teaching helps our students achieve a high level of proficiency in English language. Lessons with a native speaker lecturer expand their conversational abilities and vocabulary. Trips and excursions to the UK and other European countries are organized annually for the learners. Some lessons of visual arts, mathematics, chemistry, history and civics are taught in English which is another remarkable benefit for the youngsters.
Education programme with extended number of German language lessons

This programme offers our students the opportunity to obtain DSD 1st and 2nd grade certificates free of charge. The students from this class have lessons of German conversation with a native speaker lecturer and German volunteers from the Kulturweit programme. There is an opportunity for them to travel to German-speaking countries for school trips. Jugend debattiert international prepares debates in German language where our students regularly participate. This programme is financed by the ZfA (Central agency for German schools abroad).
Education programme with extended number of Biology and Chemistry lessons

This education programme creates space and opportunities for the development of talent, interest in Science and a relationship towards Biology and Chemistry. Although there is an increased time allocation for both subjects, it is not based on expanding the content but on using the gained knowledge in practice. We also apply tasks that develop understanding, independence and critical thinking. This way we can engage students in different competitions and other extracurricular activities. This programme helps students with their preparation for their entrance exams for medical faculties.
Education programme with extended number of IT lessons

The students who choose this programme have more lessons of IT and mathematics. They include a lot of practical activities such as programming robots, 3D modelling and printing, creating database systems and object programming. The students in these classes are educated within the academic programme CISCO Networking academy. Participating in the IT Academy — Education for the 21st century, the school has introduced new subjects — programming of mobile devices, programming and solving problems, systems and networks and databases.
General education programme

This programme offers a balanced learning plan. It provides the students with a general education base coming from a systematic and proportional selection of subjects. In the 3rd and 4th grades students can choose from a variety of subjects including Use of IT in Natural Sciences, History of Arts and Economics. The general education programme students are prepared for studying at diverse range of universities according to their abilities and interests.

We offer our students interesting opportunities to spend their free time in a meaningful way. We support pupils‘ individual interests and abilities by offering a wide range of possibilities to get involved in extra-curricular activities. They can work in sports clubs, ecology, debate or law clubs, or supplement their knowledge from the lessons in Mathematics, Biology or History clubs.

Šrobárka students can practise and develop their literary and linguistic talents when writing for our school magazine Študentské slovo (Student’s Word). General overview and communication skills are needed in the Debate club.

Our offer

  • Quality college preparation, proven by a number of successful graduates,
  • erudite teachers and foreign lecturers,
  • a school curriculum adapted to the current needs of a knowledge-based society,
  • English, German, French, Russian and Spanish languages,
  • a wide selection of elective courses — experiments in natural sciences, seminars in social sciences and economics, conversations in foreign languages, CISCO Academy, computer science in natural sciences, art history, applied economics,
  • the national IT Academy project and the professionally equipped Science Lab,
  • the national project Innovating Education for Improving Literacy in Reading, Mathematics, Finance and Science, and a professionally equipped multimedia classroom,
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with internationally recognised IB Diploma,
  • a non-traditional student recession — Kalamajky,
  • a school magazine Študentské slovo, a debating club,
  • sightseeing excursions abroad — St. Petersburg, Oslo, Venice, Prague, London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Krakow, Auschwitz, Budapest,
  • Šrobárka Day — a day of charity, Student Blood Drop — a charity event for blood donors, Night at Šrobárka, school balls,
  • meals in the school canteen including diabetic and thrifty diet, school cafeteria.

In our school we have modern Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories, classrooms with interactive whiteboards and classrooms equipped with PCs. Next to our indoor gym there is a recently built multi-functional outdoor pitch. Students can also relax in the Students´Council room, they can read and study in our school library. Fresh water for free is available at our modern water station.

Every year we organise a lot of sport activities such as ski courses, swimming courses and Health and Life protection courses. Gymnázium Šrobárova 1 participates in an Anti-drug use prevention programme.

An important part of the education process are excursions to Bratislava, Revúca, Orava (in Slovakia) and to St. Petersburg, Oslo, Venice, Prague, London, Paris, Vienna, Rome, Krakow, Auschwitz, Budapest (in foreign countries).

Our students eat in the school canteen in the building where diabetic or gluten-free diet menu is available.

Many of our graduates, working at home and abroad, are successful writers, artists, actors, excellent doctors, lawyers, economists and entrepreneurs. Gymnasium, Šrobárova 1 in Košice — it is a symbiosis of more than 133 years of tradition with modern educational methods.

Our goal is not only to continuously improve the quality of education, but also to optimally develop the personality, skills and talents of our pupils.