Pracovné ponuky

Language Teaching Assistant

Erasmus+ Internship
We are currently recruiting prospective language teachers/graduates willing to spend academic year 2019/20 as an English language teaching assistant at Srobarova 1, Kosice, Slovakia. Please, apply to

We offer a mobility opportunity for prospective language teachers and/or graduates who wish to spend an academic year working as an English language teaching assistant in Kosice, Eastern Slovakia. We have 478 students aged 14 – 19. We teach English as a foreign language (mandatory), and German, French, Russian (voluntary). Our students are expected to achieve CEFR – B2 (mandatory) – C1 (voluntary) level of proficiency upon graduation.

Your duties will include participation in lesson preparation, helping students with classroom work and conversational activities, enriching lessons by adding realia of your own country, etc.