Matematika po anglicky

Mathematics in the English Language -

- Summary of Selected Topics


( RNDr. L. Spišiak )

The aim of the texts presented here is to supply a summary of notions, ( English ) terminology, definitions, basic facts, relationships and properties arranged by the topics of mathematics taught at secondary schools. The texts are, by far, not sufficient to substitute in place of textbooks since they do not contain explanations, comments, hints or methods of solving problems, examples, and exercises.

The texts are prepared according to the contents of mathematics lessons in the English language using student's notes from these lessons. Further topics are under construction and will be completed in the near (?) future. We are grateful to the English teachers ( including foreign lecturers ) at our school for their willingness and help with our language questions and difficulties. We would greatly appreciate all constructive criticism or remarks ( perhaps concerning the terminology, or English language, or mathematics itself, etc. ) that could help to correct errors, remove defects, or improve the submitted texts in any way.

The texts are compiled by students of English classes at Gymnázium Šrobárova 1 Košice under the guidance of the mathematics teacher RNDr. Ladislav Spišiak
e-mail: spisiakL@srobarka.sk.

0. Preface
1. Introduction to propositional calculus and mathematical logic
2. Sets
3. Number domains
4. Reductions of equations and inequalities
5. Combinatorics
6. Planimetry – Euclidean and Pythagorean theorems, angles in circles, point sets
7. Planimetry – congruent and similar mappings in the plane
8. Functions
9. Elementary functions
10. Trigonometry
11. Exponential and logarithmic expressions and functions
12. Probability and statistics
13. Complex numbers, polynomials and polynomial equations
14. Vectors in geometry
15. Analytical geometry of linear figures
16. Analytical geometry of quadratic curves and of the sphere
17. Sequences, infinite serii
18. Introduction to differential calculus
19. Introduction to integral calculus

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